Friday, March 8, 2013

Beauty Find: Vitamin E

I've known about this trick for a while, so I thought I'd share since I tried it again last night.

I have minor skin issues. You know, minor acne, acne marks, uneven tones, dullness....and I've searched tirelessly for something that would give me that glowy look a lot of women are lucky enough to be born with. So I searched online for DIY facial treatments, masks, etc.. and came across vitamin E. Simple enough, just get a bottle of vitamin E capsules and apply the gel to your face every night. Vitamin E moisturizes, speeds up the skin's renewal process, and helps protect against damage from free radicals.

So I tried it. I bought the cheap, Kroger brand capsules. Admittedly, it does get a little messy. The gel is sticky and kind of hard to spread, although I've read that you can mix the vitamin E gel with olive oil to make it spread more easily, and the olive oil also helps make your skin more absorbent. I've never tried it with olive oil, though. The number of capsules you'll need depends on the size of your face, I only use two. Just pop the capsules with a needle or cut the ends off, spread the gel on your face, and leave it overnight.

For me, the results are evident after one use. Yes, my face is still sticky when I wake up, but it appears more even, smooth, and has a very apparent glow to it. Since I only cleanse my face at night, I just washed most of the gel off with water so it would leave a slight, moisturizing residue throughout the day. I imagine that if I make this a part of my nightly routine, my skin will look pretty great after a few weeks.

Try it and let me know how it goes for you?

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