Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Success! Dip-Dyed Rope Necklace

While perusing Pinterest, I stumbled upon a great DIY idea with some rope and dye. It looked easy enough and it's super cute, so I gave it a go. I didn't have actual dye so I used some left over spray paint.

My version:
I like how the dye in the original took to the rope better obviously, but I'm happy with my results. Head over to Bromeliad to see the tutorial, it's a great one!

xoxo Sasha

Monday, June 25, 2012

'Andy' Is Short for Andrew....Or Andrea?

Actually, it's short of ANDROGYNOUS.

I seriously love the growing acceptance for gender ambiguity nowadays. I see it a lot at IU, since it's such a liberal hoo-hah and all. But I especially love seeing it in fashion. Prime example? Burberry Prorsum's Spring/Summer 2013 Menswear line. The season's colorful metallics blend well with the impeccable tailoring.

 : Men CAN wear fuchsia without looking like a washed-out frat boy with a popped collar.
 : Mixing prints that look like they belong on a summer dress...I LOVE IT. I really wish more guys were willing to wear this kind of clothing, it would make looking at them SO much more interesting ;)
 : A masculine suit with a tote to balance the testosterone out.
 : A jacket that I would love to wear myself.
 : Perfect.
 : While I'm not a fan of the fabric choice in the shirt (reminiscent of bad show choir dresses), I like the pop of color. Great twist on the classic suit.

Conclusions: I think men should stop being afraid of color and looking like their sexuality is in question (WHICH, I respect gay men for their sense of style). I've heard tons of men complain about not having as many options in fashion as women. Well take a look at Burberry! Lots of great inspiration in just this season. Check out the rest of the line at Burberry's site.

xoxo Sasha

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tribal Instincts

I'm madly in love with everything tribal nowadays. Bags, shoes, shorts, shirts.....and nails!
Last night I was hit by a wave of boredom and tried this trend myself. Results:
The design's a bit out there with the random green nail, but I like the overall effect! And since I didn't have a black nail art pen, I used a regular fine-tip paint marker I had lying (laying?) around.

Long story short, my nails are ready for this friday night's Keane concert in Chicago! AHHH!!!

xoxo Sasha

Sunday, June 17, 2012

DIY Success! Neon Toe Caps

I finally finished these shoes! I'm really happy with the outcome. Hooray for recycling hideous dance shoes!

I just used basic masking tape, spray paint in neon yellow, and a lotttttttt of patience! I can't wait to wear them out and have the satisfaction of saying "I made them myself".

xoxo Sasha

Behind the Veil

I will admit, I've been watching wayyyyyyyyy too many wedding shows on TLC... particularly Say Yes to the Dress. I'm nowhere near getting married, but I'm obsessed. I spend my late-night spare time looking at gowns online (Pnina Tornai is one of my favorite designers). I can only hope my big ol' day will be grand and all. For now, I'll take care of picking out the perfect dress!

I love the vintage feel that the lace gives the modern silhouettes...and of course, I had to include Kate Middleton's dress. It's impossible to not love that masterpiece by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (rest in peace).

Here's to sitting on the couch in front of the TV, hoping engagement comes sooner than later. ;)
xoxo Sasha

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Dream in Vintage

You know how every person has a few things they always dream about? Is it strange that I have a lot of dreams about going thrifting?! Maybe it's my subconscious disappointment with the lack of decent thrift/vintage shops in Indianapolis...wait, that's not subconscious at all. But in this recent dream, SOME OTHER GIRL found that perfect thrifted blazer instead of me (I never find anything in my thrifting dreams, just watch other people take what I want). It has awakened this insatiable thirst for going down to Broad Ripple's vintage stores soon, even if they do charge wayyyyy too much for USED clothes. The price women pay for fashion.

Time to go work out. My favoriteeeeeee -_-
xoxo Sasha

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Today I'm Wearing...

This is actually my mom's shirt! One of the perks of still living with my mother is that I have another closet to shop around in when my own clothes aren't up to par. The denim cut-offs are a successful DIY project of mine (both the shorts and the belt came from Goodwill).

I tried my hand at the bright lipstick trend (can't tell in the photo).... I actually like it! I've never been particularly fond of wearing lipstick. It feathered, faded, and left my lips feeling strange. But I've learned that the secret to great lipstick is applying lots of layers and using lip liner! I left my eye make-up to my everyday winged black liner with a bit of mascara. Minimal but cute.

I might try my hand at those bleached converse today, who knows.
xoxo Sasha

Hey! It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!

Last night, I went out to dinner with 11 of the greatest people to walk the face of this earth. It was perfect. And while I got the wrong sauce on my pasta, got my soup late, and it rained, it couldn't have gone better. Anddddddd my friends were all looking so stylish! Here are some of the winning outfits of the night:

I wish I could have gotten a photo of the back of the coral dress, it was perrrrrrfect. But my favorite was the first outfit (I hope you're reading this, Kayla). She looked better than I did! And I'm totally okay with that because that outfit was a win.

Overall, it was a great birthday celebration. Now it's time to celebrate on my actual birthday!
xoxo Sasha

Saturday, June 2, 2012

This Morning I Woke Up

And thought, "I am so lucky to be exactly where I am right now."

So often, we human beings take life for granted, not realizing we have done so until something terrible happens to us. I guess it's part of our nature to be a difficult species; we are like teenagers stuck in the rebellious phase, refusing to grow up. I am not perfect. I have done and said things that I regret, gotten caught up in relatively unimportant problems. But I think part of being a "better" person is recognizing your mistakes, or even just your negative feelings, and realizing that it's all part of this experience we should cherish...the bad can only lead us to good.

My first year in college taught me that every moment is special. I wasted so much time wishing I were somewhere else, doing something else, and being with other people that I missed the opportunity to see what was right in front of me. I wasted too much time judging others for their actions instead of seeing the good in them. Although I regret my first year, I don't wish to change it (if that makes sense). If I hadn't had the experience exactly how it happened, I wouldn't have gotten to this point. I would still be that rebellious teenager refusing to own up to anything.
I'm trying to be better about seeing the beauty in all things because I think that it will ultimately make me a better person. And I need to be a better person for all the incredible people in my life. They deserve no less.

So this morning I woke up and decided it will be a good day. I'm spending it with the people I love. And we'll be looking fabulous to boot.
xoxo Sasha

Friday, June 1, 2012

DIY Mania!

I've been in a DIY craze lately, searching desperately for old clothing I can cut and turn into that "one-of-a-kind piece, ohmigaw". I'm an asshole, I know. But! These are a few DIYs I want to attempt pretty soon:

1) Printed denim cut-offs: I've made cut-offs and bleached denim before, but I love the printed element on these shorts. Must get the good ol' mom jeans at the Goodwill.

2) Cut-out dress: I've actually already started this DIY with my old high school orchestra dress! I'm still not done with it, trying to figure out what to do about the hem...
This DIY is from A Pair and a Spare

3) Neon rope/chain necklace: This one looks simple, but for some reason I've been stumped by the whole "braid rope into chain" concept every time I've tried it. But I love it, so I will arm myself with patience and do it.
This one is from Crashing Red

4) Neon-toed shoes: I have the perfect shoes for this DIY! They are the exact same tan color as the ones in the picture...they are my old show choir dance shoes. Do me a favor, and please DON'T picture Glee when you read this.

5) Bleached Converse: I've had a pair of black high-tops sitting around for a longgggggg time, I'm not a tennis shoes kind of girl so I hardly ever wear them. But I think I would if I can nail this look.

So I'll be posting pics of my versions of these as I finish them. Excitement!
xoxo Sasha

Yay! I Started a Blog!

I'm using this post to officially welcome myself to the wonderful world of blogging (I personally think there should be a welcoming committee or something). So here I am! I guess I should give whoever decides to read this blog a bit of background info.....while I watch Friends.

What led me to start a blog?

I've always been apprehensive-- terrified, really-- of acting on my interest in fashion. "I'll never make enough money with fashion" or "What will people think of me if I pursue this?" orrrrr "I'm not good enough to get anywhere with this hobby". Fear became a regular part of my thought process, so much so that I convinced myself to declare a Spanish major (which I'm already fluent in, Venezuelan status!) instead of studying something that I truly loved. Basically, studying Spanish was the easy way out; I already spoke it, I would just breeze through college and get a job as a translator. I knew deep down that I would never be happy if I chose that road. I struggled a lot with this issue all throughout my first year,which led to feeling large amounts of jealousy toward all the people that just KNEW where their lives were going....and lots of ugly-crying episodes while my roommate was gone.

It wasn't until the last month of my freshman year that something in me just....clicked. Suddenly, it WAS possible for me to study fashion design. It WAS possible to have a successful career doing something that I love. Most importantly, I realized that I couldn't let the fear of comparing to others hold me back from being happy. So I did it. I changed my major to Fashion Design and bumped Spanish down to a minor. It was a 10-ton weight off my tiny shoulders, and I finally started looking forward to the rest of my college years and my future.

SO! With this new-found clarity, I figured I was ready to start a blog about my adventures as a rookie fashionista (I actually really hate that word). I can only hope to do this blog justice!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Sasha