Friday, June 1, 2012

Yay! I Started a Blog!

I'm using this post to officially welcome myself to the wonderful world of blogging (I personally think there should be a welcoming committee or something). So here I am! I guess I should give whoever decides to read this blog a bit of background info.....while I watch Friends.

What led me to start a blog?

I've always been apprehensive-- terrified, really-- of acting on my interest in fashion. "I'll never make enough money with fashion" or "What will people think of me if I pursue this?" orrrrr "I'm not good enough to get anywhere with this hobby". Fear became a regular part of my thought process, so much so that I convinced myself to declare a Spanish major (which I'm already fluent in, Venezuelan status!) instead of studying something that I truly loved. Basically, studying Spanish was the easy way out; I already spoke it, I would just breeze through college and get a job as a translator. I knew deep down that I would never be happy if I chose that road. I struggled a lot with this issue all throughout my first year,which led to feeling large amounts of jealousy toward all the people that just KNEW where their lives were going....and lots of ugly-crying episodes while my roommate was gone.

It wasn't until the last month of my freshman year that something in me just....clicked. Suddenly, it WAS possible for me to study fashion design. It WAS possible to have a successful career doing something that I love. Most importantly, I realized that I couldn't let the fear of comparing to others hold me back from being happy. So I did it. I changed my major to Fashion Design and bumped Spanish down to a minor. It was a 10-ton weight off my tiny shoulders, and I finally started looking forward to the rest of my college years and my future.

SO! With this new-found clarity, I figured I was ready to start a blog about my adventures as a rookie fashionista (I actually really hate that word). I can only hope to do this blog justice!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Sasha

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