Sunday, June 3, 2012

Today I'm Wearing...

This is actually my mom's shirt! One of the perks of still living with my mother is that I have another closet to shop around in when my own clothes aren't up to par. The denim cut-offs are a successful DIY project of mine (both the shorts and the belt came from Goodwill).

I tried my hand at the bright lipstick trend (can't tell in the photo).... I actually like it! I've never been particularly fond of wearing lipstick. It feathered, faded, and left my lips feeling strange. But I've learned that the secret to great lipstick is applying lots of layers and using lip liner! I left my eye make-up to my everyday winged black liner with a bit of mascara. Minimal but cute.

I might try my hand at those bleached converse today, who knows.
xoxo Sasha

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