Monday, June 25, 2012

'Andy' Is Short for Andrew....Or Andrea?

Actually, it's short of ANDROGYNOUS.

I seriously love the growing acceptance for gender ambiguity nowadays. I see it a lot at IU, since it's such a liberal hoo-hah and all. But I especially love seeing it in fashion. Prime example? Burberry Prorsum's Spring/Summer 2013 Menswear line. The season's colorful metallics blend well with the impeccable tailoring.

 : Men CAN wear fuchsia without looking like a washed-out frat boy with a popped collar.
 : Mixing prints that look like they belong on a summer dress...I LOVE IT. I really wish more guys were willing to wear this kind of clothing, it would make looking at them SO much more interesting ;)
 : A masculine suit with a tote to balance the testosterone out.
 : A jacket that I would love to wear myself.
 : Perfect.
 : While I'm not a fan of the fabric choice in the shirt (reminiscent of bad show choir dresses), I like the pop of color. Great twist on the classic suit.

Conclusions: I think men should stop being afraid of color and looking like their sexuality is in question (WHICH, I respect gay men for their sense of style). I've heard tons of men complain about not having as many options in fashion as women. Well take a look at Burberry! Lots of great inspiration in just this season. Check out the rest of the line at Burberry's site.

xoxo Sasha

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