Friday, June 1, 2012

DIY Mania!

I've been in a DIY craze lately, searching desperately for old clothing I can cut and turn into that "one-of-a-kind piece, ohmigaw". I'm an asshole, I know. But! These are a few DIYs I want to attempt pretty soon:

1) Printed denim cut-offs: I've made cut-offs and bleached denim before, but I love the printed element on these shorts. Must get the good ol' mom jeans at the Goodwill.

2) Cut-out dress: I've actually already started this DIY with my old high school orchestra dress! I'm still not done with it, trying to figure out what to do about the hem...
This DIY is from A Pair and a Spare

3) Neon rope/chain necklace: This one looks simple, but for some reason I've been stumped by the whole "braid rope into chain" concept every time I've tried it. But I love it, so I will arm myself with patience and do it.
This one is from Crashing Red

4) Neon-toed shoes: I have the perfect shoes for this DIY! They are the exact same tan color as the ones in the picture...they are my old show choir dance shoes. Do me a favor, and please DON'T picture Glee when you read this.

5) Bleached Converse: I've had a pair of black high-tops sitting around for a longgggggg time, I'm not a tennis shoes kind of girl so I hardly ever wear them. But I think I would if I can nail this look.

So I'll be posting pics of my versions of these as I finish them. Excitement!
xoxo Sasha


  1. I love it!! Those denim jeans are adorable! :) I'm glad you FINALLY started a blog!!